Aarklash, The Time of Subversion

Who Ate My Caravan?

or Dude where's my caravan?

Session 1

Shorbin had been hearing rumors that new predators were moving into the steppes and planes south of Zuog. Deciding to learn more he went into the Double Eagle Tavern. There Bertie the barkeep lamented the dwindling deliveries of fresh beers and brewing supplies. Threatening to have to start importing what is called wine in Klune, a terrible bitter substance made from a fermented swamp berry and touch of rotting pine bark.

Shorbin could take more and asked what the problem was. He learned that something with big sharp pointy teeth had been raiding caravans and many of caraveneers were opting no to trade south any longer. Bertie asked if Shorbin would look into the matter. He explained that an elven ranger, named Deidrick, had gone out once before but hadn’t returned. Bertie also suggested that Scin a local faerie dragon might also be interested in this issue.

Shorbin agree to venture forth. Following the trail of the blue pyramid he, Scin, and packs the riding dog traveled for a day before resting. When night came they took shifts and during the second shift two giant spiders approached and attacked. They were defeated and made a fine midnight snack, Scin also demonstrated his culinary acumen by using acid to kill and cook one spider creating a fine ceviche.

After the meal Shorbin noticed tracks belonging to another creature, seemingly an owlbear. These are what we should follow in the morning. But first they need to finish resting.



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