Aarklash, The Time of Subversion

Ryfar: Looking for Trouble


Settling into Zuog, Ryfar decided to learn what news there was to be had in this town. Being a trade hub, he decided to check the market for gossip since merchants always carry interesting news and stay abreast of events. Upon entering the market, Ryfar was approached by Esma Nissel, a merchant who was happy to show him around. She revealed that the market has a coop system in place whereby one can work for a few hours a week to get a discount on items if you live in the city. Ryfar also heard snatches of conversations that seemed to all point to concerns of some sort about undead animals. Further questioning revealed that merchant caravans between Zuog and Klune have been beset by animals that appear to be decaying, and boatmen have heard strange chantings. There appears to be an evil wizard in the swamps experimenting with dark arts, and the wizard has perhaps lost control of some of his creations.

Resolving to investigate, Ryfar located a caravan of gnome tinkerers heading out the next day who offered to pay his night at the local inn in return for his joining them on their journey at least as far as the center of the swamps. Ryfar accepted, and went to locate Styx for some additional firepower on this trip.



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